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Villas at Gower Public Art Project, Part Two: Installation and Celebration


The daunting task of installing Piece by Piece‘s first public art project fell into the very capable hands of L.A. ProPoint, a company that has done some incredible and large installations at the Hollywood Bowl, Universal Studios and the National World War II Museum.

The attachment points for each leaf and the vine were installed by the construction crew a year before the installation, as they needed to be embedded in the construct of the building. Once the building and the artwork were completed, L.A. ProPoint arrived to attach the artwork. Because the pieces were large and so high up (the highest pieces were at five stories), they brought in a mobile crane. The installation team rode in the basket and carried each piece of the artwork individually.

crane2The crane was positioned outside the building, and installers were lowered into the courtyard.

install branch 2The vine was attached first.

install pros
The leaves went next.

magnolia leaf install
All pieces were carefully matched to the attachment points.

Each leaf and vine had a series of extended bolts, which fit into the plates in the building. We were pleased and impressed with L.A. ProPoint’s team of installers and their expertise.

3 leaves

Trio of leaves

All ten


With the installation at last complete, there was a call to celebrate!  At the unveiling of the project, Piece by Piece artists were recognized for their hard work, dedication and talents.

Sophie Dawn Luz(photo by Jose Morales)

Founder Sophie Alpert (R) with Artist Instructors Luz Mack Durini and Dawn Mendelson presented the Piece by Piece artists with a certificate of achievement and an award.




Above: Piece by Piece artists and instructors.
Below: Piece by Piece artists Jose, Jaime and Deborah with their awards.

And, of course, there was a delicious cake!

Congratulations to everyone involved!


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