Meet our Piece by Piece Artists

Featured Piece by Piece artist: Guadalupe G.

Although Guadalupe joined our program only little over one year ago, she has quickly become an enthusiastic participant in every workshop, and is working as a qualified artist on one of our large commission projects. Since her first days at Piece by Piece, Guadalupe has joined in, lending a hand wherever necessary and challenging herself with every mosaic piece she creates. She always greets everyone with a warm smile.

Guadalupe graduated as a medical assistant in 2004, and calls herself a very active person. She has also faced some major health issues: she was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, and feels fortunate to now be in remission. Her bright and courageous spirit is a great benefit to the Piece by Piece family.


Have you done another type of artwork?
I took some painting classes, but not for long. I enjoyed it.

GG1206 Guadalupe in Visiting Artist Jolino Beserra’s mosaic lamp workshop.

How long have you been taking workshops with Piece by Piece?
I have taken workshops with Piece by Piece since June 2012, when Juan Carlos, my case manager, told me about the program, and I have liked it a lot.

580253_661849917178329_1266435195_n Guadalupe with Visiting Artist Charles Dickson at the Watts Towers

What do you like about the program?
I like it because I have learned new things, and they treat me like family and I enjoy the classes a lot.

What materials do you like to use?
I have enjoyed all the material that I have used until now,  but I find glass the most fun because of the varied colors and textures.


What is your favorite mosaic you have made?
Sunflowers and the hummingbird. I have enjoyed all of them, but those are the best so far. I liked them a lot. I don’t think they’re the greatest, but I hope to improve with each passing day.

GuadalupeG Guadalupe’s first small commission.

What would you like to learn more about?
I would like to improve each thing that I learn to do every day and that I do different things and I learn something new…I like that.

What is the most important thing you have learned in the workshops?
I have tried to put into practice what I have learned, such as andamento for example, and using the colors and textures of the materials.


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