Meet our Piece by Piece Artists

Featured Piece by Piece Artist: Hugo S.

Hugo Love

Hugo has been a participant artist with Piece by Piece for four years. Throughout the years, he has developed his skills and found his voice through geometric design. He has an eye for preciseness and enjoys working out complex designs. When he first came to our workshops, he had no design or art experience.

Hugo was born and grew up in Guatemala City, which is located in Central America. He worked and studied there, graduating as an accountant. He attended the University of San Carlos from Guatemala for 2 years, and came to the United States in 1990. Hugo has excelled in English classes at two local learning centers and has found employment as a cook assistant and a cashier. He considers himself a helpful and joyful person, and we agree.

Piece by Piece Instructor Leigh Adams says of Hugo: “Hugo is continually improving his skills and actively seeks new information to incorporate into his work. His sense of color and design is delightful and his sense of humor creates ongoing smiles in the classroom.”

Hugo astrology

Hugo attends workshops regularly, and has contributed to the Villas at Gower public art project as well as several other large commissions.


“What I like about the program is how the teachers teach us the techniques and methods to work the different projects of mosaic; furthermore, the skills and experience that each teacher has. What I like about the program is what I learn in each project of mosaic. The program has helped me emotionally and economically.”


“I like to work with different materials, and I like free style but I prefer geometric style.”


“My favorite mosaic I have made was my geometric vase, and I have other favorite mosaics as well.”


Hugo’s goals are to learn more about techniques and methods to make his projects better.

“The most important things I have learned is how to use the mosaic tools; moreover, I have learned the different kinds of cut on the glass; the color of the grout I use in each project; how to mix paint colors; and what andamento to use in each project.”


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