Meet our Piece by Piece Artists

Meet the Artist: Donald T

Piece by Piece artist Donald has been coming to our workshops for seven years. He comes every week with his family. All three of them have worked on projects and enjoy being a part of the Piece by Piece family.


When asked about himself, Donald says: “I’m a father, grandfather and great-grandfather. I’m married to Linda and attend Ward AME church weekly. I worked at Toyota Motors for 34 years. I sing in the choir and the male-only choir at the church. I bowl every Monday, so I do keep myself busy.

Donald in Piece by Piece mosaic heart workshop.

This is the first time Donald has tried any type of art. We asked him a few questions about his experiences with Piece by Piece and mosaic:

What do you like about the program Piece by Piece?

The teachers are great. I have learned how to use glass. We have learned how to cut it, use the grinder on it. I like being with the people. We have become a family…we know what each one likes.”

Donald with one of his first pieces.

What materials do you like to use?

Mostly glass, that’s what I use.

Donald’s favorite mosaic so far.

What is your favorite mosaic you have made?

One was a cat, and the one I am working on now, a mosaic of Martin Luther King, Jr..

What would you like to learn more about?

I’ll need help with some of the work on the Martin Luther King, Jr. piece.

Donald and Linda enjoying workshop time with fellow artist Wacola and
Piece by Piece assistant instructor Bea Jones.

What is the most important thing you have learned in the workshops?

For me, it would be cutting glass since I do so much of it. I also cut glass very small. However, on this MLK piece, I’ve had to learn to use the grinder, too.

Donald and Linda
Donald and Linda at City Hall. Piece by Piece received a
Certificate of Commendation from former Councilwoman Jan Perry’s office in 2013.

Brandi and Donald
Donald with granddaughter Brandi at our most recent field trip to the Craft and Folk Art Museum.
Brandi attends Piece by Piece workshops when she’s not in school.

How has Piece by Piece helped you?

First off, it has given me and my wife somewhere to go and share doing artwork together. We share this time learning and sometimes Brandi is with us, but most of the time we are together. We always stop to get something to eat, then come to class. We get there early to help set up. This is something we like to do. Being a part of the whole part of Piece by Piece means a lot to us. From set up to the learning to making the projects, to the wonderful teachers–all are friends. That makes us want to get up each Friday and come to class.





One thought on “Meet the Artist: Donald T

  1. Donald, you are a wonderful, kind man and a very dedicated artist! It is a pleasure to have you and Linda in Piece by Piece! I always admire your spirit of service, how constant and steady you are in your art vision and how many talents you have! Wonderfull interview Donald!

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