Meet our Piece by Piece Artists

Meet the Artist — Hilda M.

One of our most dedicated artisans at Piece by Piece is Hilda M. She is a thoughtful, creative and energetic person who is always ready and willing to help others, and eager to expand her own knowledge in mosaic art. Originally from Guatemala, Hilda studied in the National Conservatory of Music, the National School of Dance, and the National School of Theater there. Her rich background in the performing arts has been a great benefit to her as she opens herself to new experiences. She has a delicate and gentle style in mosaic, and not only creates her own artwork, but has participated in several large group projects with Piece by Piece.


Do you have a favorite artist who influences your work?
Yes, in the theater, 3 great actors and 2 great actresses. In Mosaic, my teachers from Piece by Piece.

Hilda and shoe

How long have you been taking workshops with Piece by Piece?
I think that I’ve been here for four years.


What do you like about the program?
I like all of the classes and workshops that are taught by every teacher. They bring teachers with different techniques, and what I really love is when the public, lovers of Mosaic, purchase our creative pieces.

Leigh and Hilda2Hilda with Piece by Piece instructor Leigh Adams, working on Public Art project in 2012. 

There are many choices for mosaics pieces, what materials do you like to use?
I love all types of materials because you can create mosaics out of all types of materials.

Hilda's place

What is your favorite piece you’ve made?
All of them, really, because I work on them with a lot of love. But, there are two: a frame El Arbol de la Vida (The Tree of Life) and the other one is Las Margaritas de la Noche (The Daisies of the Night).

Hilda leaves

What is something you would like to learn more about?
If it’s about Mosaics, well, everything about Mosaic. I would like to be able to do clay pieces.

Bea and Hilda
Assistant Instructor Bea Jones with Hilda in front of Universal’s “Discover a Star” mural,
created by Piece by Piece artists.

What is the most important thing you feel you have learned in the workshop?
Everything is important to me. I appreciate Piece by Piece for giving me this great opportunity to learn this gorgeous art form, and for being part of this family. Piece by Piece is not just mosaic art. It exists, in part, by the teachers’ great understanding, and the support they give us (students) that makes it the great family of Piece by Piece.


2 thoughts on “Meet the Artist — Hilda M.

  1. What a wonderfully thoughtful artist. Her calm and dedication show in her work. Lovely in the work and in the appreciation for the group and the instructors!

  2. Hi, I’m from Guatemala and I have observed the work of Hilda M. and is an exquisite art of mosaics, which reflects the creative Espirtu she owns, to cut each piece, paste and give this delicate way, trasnformando the rustic into something worth to appreciate … piece by piece, beauty…..

    Hola, soy de Guatemala y he observado el trabajo de Hilda M. y es un arte esquisito de mosaicos, que refleja el espirtu creativo que ella posee, al cortar cada pieza, al pegarla y darle esa delicada forma, trasnformando lo rustico en algo digno de apreciar… Pieza por pieza, que belleza…..

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