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Meet Piece by Piece Volunteer Belinda

Belinda Morgan has been volunteering with Piece by Piece for four years. In that time, she has not only given her support and energy to the Piece by Piece workshops, but she has also developed her own talent in the art of mosaic, becoming a very accomplish artist herself. You will notice in every photo of Belinda, she has a most welcoming and joyous smile. Her positive outlook is contagious. Belinda volunteers every Friday at our Open Studio Sessions, and helps out whenever she can on our large-scale projects. She has been instrumental in organizing our materials and supplies, making sure we have what we need to help our artists create. She also can also be seen at our sales events, educating vistors about our program and processing sales. We are so grateful for Belinda’s dedication and enthusiasm! Below is an interview with her, conducted by Melissa, our Community Relations Associate.

Volunteer Belinda at our Open Studio Session, preparing materials for participant artists.

How did you hear about Piece by Piece?

I retired from corporate America. Didn’t have anything to do. My cousin asked me why not try an art. I said I didn’t know how to draw. He said  “No, it’s more than just drawing…there are other forms of art, like mosaic.” So, he introduced me to Bea (assistant instructor), and Bea brought me into the class, and the rest is history.

Belinda and Dawn
Belinda with Program Director Dawn Mendelson at the Los Angeles County Arboretum sale.

What was it about Piece by Piece that inspired you to volunteer?

I came to participate, but do not qualify as a participant so I volunteered. My nature is to help and to give back. And I found that this would be the best way for me to continue give back and to be a part of Piece by Piece.

 belinda and victor j
Participant Victor J with Belinda at a special commission project.

What type of work do you partake in at Piece by Piece?

I’m responsible for distributing the glass, bagging the glass, and giving finished and unfinished projects to Dawn (program director) to review. I do art sales at all the events. Anything I can do to assist in the program, I do.

The Los Angeles County Arboretum SpringTopia sale with Piece by Piece.

Who has been your greatest inspiration at Piece by Piece (staff, volunteer, participant)?

All of the instructors. All of the participants.

Piece by Piece artist instructor Leigh Adams (L) with incredible volunteers Belinda Morgan and Gale Sorensen.

Do you volunteer anywhere else?

No. Piece by Piece is the only place that I do volunteer work.

 jose and belinda
Always a smile! (with Piece by Piece artist Jose M)

Are you making mosaic art yourself?

Since starting and participating at Piece by Piece I have been in a few shows, have sold artwork and I have built a studio in my backyard.

At the Los Angeles County Arboretum with some of the Piece by Piece team, in front of one of the spheres from Pollinator’s Paradise, a project completed with at-risk youth and Piece by Piece participants.

Of her experience with Piece by Piece, Belinda says:

I share with everyone I know that Piece by Piece is the greatest experience. It has literally changed my life as a retired person. I love it. I support the program and I would do anything to help them succeed and be better than what they are. And anything I can do to improve the program and add to and enhance, I would do.

Thank you, Belinda!


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