Meet our Volunteers

Meet Piece by Piece Volunteer Gale Sorensen


We have incredible and dedicated volunteers at Piece by Piece, donating their time and good energy to support our artists in workshops. Gale Sorensen has been volunteering with Piece by Piece for just over five years.

As her experience with mosaic has developed through volunteering with Piece by Piece, our artisans have benefited from her work experience as we develop Level 4 of our Certificate Program: Professional Development. Gale was a university career counselor for thirty-five years, working at both Cal Poly Pomona and Chapman University. She will be helping to support our artists with their resumes, portfolios and art statements.

gale-belindaPiece by Piece volunteers Gale Sorensen and Belinda Morgan at Open Studio in South L.A.

Most every Friday, you can find Gale behind the materials table, working with volunteer Belinda Morgan on sorting and handing out materials to our participant artists at the Open Studio. Gale also volunteers on large-scale projects.

gale-and-beaGale with Piece by Piece assistant instructor Bea Jones,
working on large commission for Irvine Valley College.

How did you find out about Piece by Piece?
I met Dawn Mendelson, the Artistic Director, at an art event. She was demonstrating mosaic and had some brochures on Piece by Piece. I had seen their work at the Beverly Hills Art Show the previous year. Dawn encouraged me to come volunteer.

gale-workGale with her work at Deavy Exhibit in Long Beach.

Are you making mosaic art yourself?
Yes. I’ve tried many mediums including watercolor and tile making.

“East St. Louis Toodle oo” by Gale Sorensen

What materials do you like to use in your work?
I enjoy working with ceramic, glass, rocks, metals.

jose-and-galePiece by Piece artisan Jose consulting with Gale on selecting glass colors.

What do you find valuable in volunteering with Piece by Piece?
I like having a job. It’s not about money, but about being useful. I look forward to being surrounded by creativity, and I love being able to learn from the instructors as they teach. It is inspiring and a constant learning experience. Learning takes different forms. It’s not just books. It’s about communication and human nature and creativity and inspiration.

Thank you, Gale!


One thought on “Meet Piece by Piece Volunteer Gale Sorensen

  1. Gale is a caring, fabulous volunteer, and we appreciate so much the time she puts to support our participants, the workshops, and projects. We are grateful for her energy and for all she adds to our mosaic community.

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