Commissions / Public Art

Silver Star Mosaic Installation for Veteran’s Housing

Piece by Piece recently created a special mosaic for A Community of Friends’ Silver Star Housing for Veterans. Veterans in the United States face intense challenges when rehabilitating and reintegrating back into society. Some of the biggest barriers are access to jobs and housing, and their journey is often difficult and complex. Piece by Piece … Continue reading

Commissions / Public Art

“Entangled Bank” – Mural Created for Irvine Valley College’s New Life Science Building

Piece by Piece participant artists, instructors and volunteers recently completed a five-foot by fifteen foot, five panel mural for Irvine Valley College’s new Life Sciences Building. The given theme was “chaos to order.” Piece by Piece artists work on transferring design to the five 3 ft x 5 ft panels. Program Director Dawn Mendelson with Piece … Continue reading

Public Art

Villas at Gower Public Art Project, Part Two: Installation and Celebration

Installation The daunting task of installing Piece by Piece‘s first public art project fell into the very capable hands of L.A. ProPoint, a company that has done some incredible and large installations at the Hollywood Bowl, Universal Studios and the National World War II Museum. The attachment points for each leaf and the vine were … Continue reading